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Legacy writing can be individual letters to family and friends or the backbone of an ethical will. For years I was writing short essays to my children and later realized that I had been doing legacy writing all along! Legacy writing can be an essay about a certain time or incident in your history or it can be a list of your favorite songs and why. The possibilities are endless!

Treat Gently, This Gentle Man

TREAT GENTLY, THIS GENTLE MAN is about being with and caring for my father as he grew closer to the end of his life . I use scripture, prayer, and and essays to describe the journey I chose to take alongside him. This book is a wonderful resource for discussion groups focusing on end of life issues or for an individual exploring his or her own feelings and experiences of losing a parent.

I would be glad to lead workshops or discussion groups that would be using this text. Books used for a workshop can be purchased at a discount.

Mom's Favorite Music

Several years ago, my father was rapidly declining in health, and my best friend was dying of breast cancer. Commuting to work and listening to hymns and any inspirational music I could find, I decided to let my children know what songs I liked and why. Below is a result of my musings.

Who Was Carrie Stephenson?

I wrote this essay as a way to help my grown children understand what I find so compelling about genealogy.

My Earliest Memory

Someday my children may be curious as to what I was like as a child. In this essay I describe a traumatic swimming lesson.







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