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I am a trained facilitator for Ethical Will workshops.

I can give:

  • Informational talks
  • Individual help
  • Short workshops
  • Multi-session workshops


Ethical wills are gifts from the heart. Unlike a will of inheritance that gives directions for the dispersal of one's valuables, an ethical will disperses one's values, thoughts, and philosophies.

Here is an excerpt from an ethical will, written by Don Schmitz to his children and grandchildren:

Dear Jeff, Andrew, and Ted, Grandchildren:

It is my hope in writing my ethical will that I will be able to record for posterity some of my values and my visions for the future. I hope this will help each of you as you plan and carry out your life....I want you, my family, to know how important you all are in my life and how much I love you...."

From Ethical Wills 2nd Edition, Barry Baines, M.D.

If you are interested in having me help you on an individual basis or lead a workshop for your organization, please contact me.

Workshop Format
Materials Included
Informational Handouts  
Short, 1-2 hours Handouts/Book Writing practice
Half Day 3 hours Handouts/Book/beverages Draft of ethical will
Multi Short Sessions 3-4 2 hour sessions Handouts/Book/ Draft of ethical will
Full day Handouts/Book/beverages/snacks Draft of ethical will


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