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What Is a Personal Historian?

A personal historian is trained to help you create and preserve family stories.

As a personal historian I can help you manage a life history project from beginning to end, lead workshops to help a group create their personal history projects, help you write an ethical will and many other projects.

What are some of the projects that I can help you with?

  • Ethical Will - a legacy document presenting your philosophies, values and advice
  • Memorials - a final tribute to the life of someone dear to you, digital format on CD or DVD, including audio, video, still photographs, documents, etc.
  • Printed Works - biographies, self-published projects, published book complete with photos and family documents written


Speaking Topics

Let me provide an entertaining program for your club or organization. You may find a topic below appropriate for your group, or I can customize a specific talk.

Joining a Lineage Society

Writing a Family Genealogy Newsletter

  • Journaling Your Grief
  • Writing a Genealogical Codicil
  • How to Organize Your Genealogy Research
  • Learning Legacy Software
  • Writing an Ethical Will
  • How NOT to Use PowerPoint (and Learn Effective PowerPoint Design)
  • An American Woman on African Safari
  • Taking Photos You'll Want to Look at Later


cover of Treat Gently, This Gentle Man

Treat Gently, This Gentle Man: A Daughter's Prayers

This book is a resource for discussion groups focusing on end of life issues or for an individual exploring his or her own feelings and experiences of losing a parent.

Now available at .


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